We believe that our products are for adults and we communicate in a responsible manner with consumers about our products.

We believe in:

  • offering Adult consumers a broad range of Combustible Tobacco Products and Accessories to meet their preferences;
  • providing Adult consumers with the information necessary to make informed choices;
  • the tobacco harm reduction potential of Next Generation Products;
  • commitment to marketing our Next Generation Products responsibly;
  • alternatives to Combustible Tobacco Products such as Next Generation Products in particular which can make a significant contribution to tobacco harm reduction.

We are committed to the marketing and advertising of our Products responsibly:

  • within the laws, codes of practice and voluntary agreements of those countries within which we operate; and
  • to meet the preferences of Adult consumers.

We will provide clear and accurate information about our Products and in particular Next Generation Products and their relative risks to enable Adult Consumers to make informed choices.

We fully support Youth access prevention and minimum age restrictions for the lawful sale or purchase of our Products.

Our »International Marketing Standard for Combustible Tobacco Products and Accessories« and our »International Marketing Standard for Next Generation Products« set out clear rules and principles to which all our employees and relevant business partners world wide must adhere to, both in letter and in spirit.

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