Tobačna Ljubljana Group consists of three modern and dynamic trading companies:

Tobačna Ljubljana Group is part of Imperial Brands PLC which is a dynamic international business specialising in tobacco and non-tobacco brands.

The vision and goals of the Tobačna Ljubljana Group are clear, ambitious and dynamic. Our view is directed to the future. Elaborated business strategy and commitment of our qualified and motivated staff make our company one of the most successful companies in Slovenia.

Tobačna Ljubljana strives for a more tolerant attitude towards smokers. We are sure that in spite of the total ban of smoking in closed working and public places in Slovenia, it is still possible to create a pleasant environment for smokers. With our web site ( we encourage the exchange of information and experiences, helping herewith create smokers' friendly outlets in spite of restrictive legislation. On our web site you can learn more about the smoking ban in public places and can join the discussion.