Tobačna Ljubljana through time

13th March 1871

1871: K. und K. Haupt Tabak Fabrik Laibach
1871: K. und K. Haupt Tabak Fabrik Laibach
The K. & K. Haupt Tabak Fabrik Laibach, founded by the Central Directorate of Tobacco Factories in Vienna, began manufacturing cigars in the premises of the old sugar refinery on the Ljubljanica River. When the company moved to the new premises in the following year, the tobacco factory in Ljubljana became the third largest of 30 factories in the Austrian part of the monarchy. Its manufacturing programme consisted of handmade cigars, pipe tobacco, snuff, chewing tobacco and tobacco extract.


After the first machine was introduced in Tobačna Ljubljana in 1874, the factory witnessed constant technological innovations in production and other business functions of the company. The first machine did not only bring the progress to the tobacco factory; such early industrialisation was in pace with the development in Europe of that time.


Tobačna Ljubljana at the beginning of the century
Tobačna Ljubljana at the beginning of the century

The first cigarette in the tobacco factory in Ljubljana was made in 1877.

After World War II, Tobačna tovarna Ljubljana became a company of national importance.


In 1957 Tobačna tovarna Ljubljana became the first company in this part of Europe, which introduced machines for joining cigarettes in filters. Filter 57, which now is in its 5th decade, was launched; for several generations it has been the most popular cigarette.


On 22 January 1990, Tobačna tovarna Ljubljana is renamed Tobačna Ljubljana.


In 1991 two international corporations acquire shares of Tobačna Ljubljana: REEMTSMA Cigarettenfabriken GmbH, Hamburg, Germany, and SEITA, Societe Nationale d' Exploitation Industrielle des Tabacs et Alumettes, Paris, France.


In 1999 Tobačna Ljubljana acquires Tutunski Kombinat Skopje (TKS) in Skopje, Macedonia, one of the three Macedonian cigarette companies.


In 2001 Reemtsma acquires Seita's share of Tobačna Ljubljana, and now holds 76.5 percent share of Tobačna Ljubljana.


Imperial Tobacco Group PLC acquires 90.01 percent of Reemtsma shares, thus becoming its majority shareholder and herewith the major shareholder of Tobačna Ljubljana.


In May 2004 the manufacturing operations of Tobačna Ljubljana are closed. Today core business of Tobačna Ljubljana is sale and marketing of cigarettes and other tobacco products of the Imperial Tobacco portfolio.